About us

Vision :

The youth empowerment is the religion. Better human with Concerned Patriotic Indian.

Aim :

Better qualitative leadership for youth.

Activities :

Leadership in Action, Effective Public speaking, Personality development, Parliamentary Procedures, Quick decision making, Rapid reading, Expression through theater, Human relations through short term courses, work shop and conferences.

Present :

1. “Sardar Sakshatkar”- story telling form of a life and contributory chapters to Indian Independence struggle of Sardar -Vallabhbhai Patel in story telling form. (A multimedia presentation- 75/90 minutes lecture with original audio-voice, his photographs, Video clippings and life event performance..!)

2. “A sardar ej Sardar” (Drama)– 90 minutes drama of life events, academic childhood, Domestic life, confrontation and compromises at British and home political ground.

3. Sardar Patel Leadership Annual Rotating Trophy West Zone State Inter University Leadership contest – “Leaders of India” a annual event for 5-state (Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan) University students oratory competition.

4. Effective Public Speaking: A regular round the year activity in the month of May, Aug; December.

Future :

1. All India Inter University Leadership contest – “Leaders of India” scheduled from 2018 and on wards.

2. “College of Leadership” a post graduate diploma course scheduled to start from 2018 at Ahmadabad.